Payment Terms :
Detailed information

1. Desktop control power as the engine, a portable rechargeable mode, battery can standby 8 to 10 hours.

2. With an emphasis on ergonomics, the appearance is pure metal shell, equipped with German motor, low running noise.

3. Digital displayer, adjustable needle length, easy control of needle depth piercing into the skin.

4. Full disposable needle cartridge, manual-made needle, full aseptic operation.

5. Cartidge system in sterilized packaging for only one time use, with medical sterile safety qualification certification.

6. USB connecting control panel and handpiece, digital LCD displayer with timmer function and speed display function.


 Mastor intelligent digital micropigmentationμ needling system can both be used on permanent makeup therapy and micro needling therapy , it is easy to operate and you just need to change another needle cartridge for it . 


Tattoo and Permanent makeup application:

- Lip tattooing(out line and full lip)

- Eyebrow tattooing (Can make very thin )

- Eyeliner tattooing

- Sclap micropigmentation

- Scar micropigmentation 


Microneedling Application :

- Skin tightening, Lifting, Rejuvenation

- Cure acne scar & wound healing

- Improve wrinkles and fine lines

- Minimizing pole sizes

- Improving stretch mark

- Treating alopecia.

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